Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Jane

Dear Baby Jane buttonBack in 2004, I started a making blocks for my own version of Jane Stickle's 1863 quilt, known popularly as the "Dear Jane" quilt. I managed to complete three blocks before somehow getting distracted and losing my way. Then yesterday, Sew, Mama, Sew! featured a link to a new blog, Dear Baby Jane. Anina is embarking on her own Dear Jane journey and has started a blog and invited others to join her. Suddenly, my own Dear Jane juices are once again flowing! Even better, she only began this week—so I'm not even that far behind! Woo hoo!

I promptly sent her an email asking if I could join in and take the journey with her and the others. And then I went and cut out and sewed my first block.

When I made my blocks way back when, I actually created a journal page for each one and wrote a bit about the making of the block. Seeing those pages now is so cool! And so I am going to continue that tradition, but not only on paper, but also on my blog. Anina requested that people who have already completed some blocks wait to post them until she posts each one. So I'll wait and post my original entries as we get to them.

Hopefully, keeping up with Anina and the others will help me to stay motivated.

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