Friday, September 16, 2011

Hop to It: "Buds in Bloom"

Oh, my! Long time, no post. Time just slipped away. It has been a busy couple of weeks, what with the boys (yes, both of them!) starting preschool and getting used to the new routine. Crafting has slid a little by the wayside, but I've managed to eek out a little bit of applique in the evenings and have another Hop to It block completed. Yay! This is block six, "Buds in Bloom."

Hop to It block 6

It feels kind of mellow to me. But I do like the purple/yellow combo. I used a variety of techniques on this one:
  • Bias bars for the stems
  • Needleturn with freezer paper on top for the leaves
  • Freezer paper on bottom and starch for the ovals (I don't use this technique very often-- but I really wanted my ovals to be consistently oval-shaped, so I thought the additional prep this required was worth it)
  • Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles for the flower centers
I think it is going to fit in with the other blocks quite nicely. I'm getting excited enough about how it is looking that I might have to put together a virtual progress chart so you can see how they all look together so far. Maybe I'll find some energy this weekend.