Friday, September 16, 2011

Hop to It: "Buds in Bloom"

Oh, my! Long time, no post. Time just slipped away. It has been a busy couple of weeks, what with the boys (yes, both of them!) starting preschool and getting used to the new routine. Crafting has slid a little by the wayside, but I've managed to eek out a little bit of applique in the evenings and have another Hop to It block completed. Yay! This is block six, "Buds in Bloom."

Hop to It block 6

It feels kind of mellow to me. But I do like the purple/yellow combo. I used a variety of techniques on this one:
  • Bias bars for the stems
  • Needleturn with freezer paper on top for the leaves
  • Freezer paper on bottom and starch for the ovals (I don't use this technique very often-- but I really wanted my ovals to be consistently oval-shaped, so I thought the additional prep this required was worth it)
  • Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles for the flower centers
I think it is going to fit in with the other blocks quite nicely. I'm getting excited enough about how it is looking that I might have to put together a virtual progress chart so you can see how they all look together so far. Maybe I'll find some energy this weekend.


  1. I think it looks great and will look perfect with the rest of the blocks.

  2. Love it!! Question, why do you not do the freezer paper on the bottom? Just wondering it is the first way I was shown and I guess I have gotten used to it. Just always curious! Thank you!

  3. Great choice of fabrics! I love the way you did this one! Lovely!

  4. I think this one might be my favourite so far. I love how the stems meet in the center

  5. That is so beautiful, Robin. Your applique skills are just amazing.

    I can't believe that both of your boys are already in preschool! Wow! Time sure goes by fast. It will be nice to have a few minutes to yourself, I bet.

  6. Looks wonderful! I love how the stems cross over each other in the center. That mustard yellow really makes the block!

  7. Awesome, a virtual progress chart would be great! I have one made up for my WOB blocks, I'll show later this week. I can't wait to see yours all together. I've not tried bias bars yet, how are they to use?

  8. Purple and yellow is a nice combination and this block is going to look lovely with the others, for sure.

  9. Awesome! Great fabrics again. Sure doesn't look like deviled eggs! lol