Monday, August 18, 2008


I've been busy the last week or so. Remember, a few weeks ago, I cut out all those patterns? I've actually started in on putting them together! I figured I really need to get some of the stuff laying on my floor complete (before I run out of floor).

First up: Pajamas

Pajama pic
The top is Simplicity 9330, view B. This was a disappointment. The fit is so not good. Really, I had my suspicions that it would be a bomb, as I wasn't thrilled with the pajama pants I made from this pattern a couple of years ago. But I had the fabric, it was a simple pattern, and I figured even if it didn't turn out, it wasn't too big a deal since it was for bedtime anyway. I think the main issue is that this is a unisex pattern, and I'm just too curvy for it to work for me.

The pants are from McCall's 5010, view D. I used a super-cute kitty flannel from Hancock Fabrics. The drawstring is a little weird, and I'm still not sure I like it, but the fit of the pants (other than being a size too big) is great. I'll definitely be making these again.

If you're curious, you can read more about these in my reviews at
Now that I've been working on these, it just makes me want to do more sewing. The coming of fall always makes me want new clothes. Conditioning after years of back-to-school shopping, I suspect.


  1. I normally make the pants and just buy cheap tank tops to go with them. Tops are hard.
    Love the fabric!

  2. Way to go on making those! I've been wanting to do some for Christmas for our family. Maybe I could do it? :)

  3. Hi Robin, how are ya? Your blog is awesome - can I add it my blog list? I freaking hate patterns too. I always end up having to alter them somehow or adding my own personal touches to them. Knits are the worst to sew with - you are very brave. Its been too long - let's get together soon! You still have my number right? I still have yours - I'll call you sometime!

  4. Cute pants! Ditto on Anina's comment to just buy the tops-- knits are especially hard. Costco and Target both had three-packs of tanks super-cheap last time I checked.