Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some much needed inspiration

Oh, wow! I've been taking time to stroll about the Bloggers Quilt Festival - Fall 2009, and have seen so many beautiful, amazing, wonderful quilts (and many of the stories are equally as special). I'm finding myself full of inspiration-- not only for some new projects, but also for some of those UFOs that have been languishing. If you haven't yet checked it out, I really encourage you to explore and wander through the Festival entries at Park City Girl. I know I'm looking forward to seeing even more of the Festival over the next few days (or weeks!).

Speaking of the fabulous Park City Girl, I was browsing through some of her recent posts and found even more inspiration. She had attended a Girls Night Out and met a designer named Natalia. I decided to check out her link and found the perfect design for my next baby quilt-- and it's a free tutorial to boot! How fabulous is that? The quilt is called "Tranquil Baby" and I think it is going to be perfect for little Felix, who was born on September 22.

I had really been struggling with what to make for Felix, thinking about it over the entire summer. I knew what fabrics I wanted to use (the prints are all from Hoffman's In the Wild collection), but just not what to do with them.

fabrics for Felix's quilt
Now I have a plan! And it feels so good. Blogland is awesome.


  1. It is going to be so cute in those colors!

  2. That will be a great quilt for a little boy. The fabrics you are going to use are so cute.

  3. OOOOH! I can't wait to see your boy quilt! It'll be so cute from those materials!


  4. Quilt festival has been fun and there are still lots of blogs left to visit!

    That pattern is going to work up so cute with your fabric. Plus, it looks fun and fast to make!