Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greenpiece: Applique block 13

Initially I was going to talk about all of my recently completed Greenpiece applique blocks in one post. But I actually have enough stuff to say about number 13 that makes me think it will be better to break it up a little. Anyway, on to the block!

Applique block 13:

Moda Green Piece applique block 13
This isn't the "real" block 13. The design for block 13 in the Moda quilt is nearly identical to applique block 4, just with the leaves oriented a little differently. An enterprising lady in the Moda Greenpiece BOM group at my local quilt shop decided that she didn't want to have two of pretty much the same block in her quilt. So she asked her junior high aged daughter to assist her in designing a replacement block that would fit the look and feel of the quilt. Her daughter came up with this awesome little mushroom design and drew it out for her mother who then shared it with the rest of the group. How cool is that?

I took advantage of her generosity and used her mushroom block. I'm pleased with how it turned out, though I worry that maybe it is a little complicated compared to the other blocks in the quilt. Maybe I should have left off the dots on the mushroom caps? On the other hand, they're pretty subtle, so I think the block will still work. And I love that they'll help make my quilt just a little bit different from the original.


  1. Love it! What a great work-around.

  2. lol, I did not even notice the dots until you mentioned them. I think it will blend really well with what I have seen so far.