Friday, July 24, 2009

Traffic Jam!

Remember the Mod Sampler Quilt Along hosted by Elizabeth of Oh, Frannson!?

Traffic Jam, completed!
It's done! I call it Traffic Jam.

Traffic Jam, front
And I'm feeling pretty proud.

Traffic Jam, quilting detail
First I quilted in all of the straight lines (the sashing "road" so-to-speak). Then I freemotion quilted all of the blocks using coordinating contrast threads. It was fun getting to use so many colors! But also kind of a pain because it meant changing out the thread 13 times (and winding all those different bobbins too!). It was a little nerve-wracking because it meant all of my mistakes were just that much more evident.

Traffic Jam, back
I really like how there is kind of a color-shading effect on the back from all the various bobbin colors. In the quilt along, Elizabeth suggested using two different backing fabrics. But, this blue is what I had in my stash and I had enough of it. So that's what I went with. And I love the happy, stripey binding.

Traffic Jam, more quilting detail
This is the first time I have used bamboo batting (actually, it was 50/50 bamboo/cotton). It is very soft and drapey, but it really caused lots of fuzzies and lint in my machine (far more than I get when using a 100% cotton batting). Pretty much every time I changed the bobbin (which was often!), I had to get a brush and clean out my machine. Kind of a pain. Other than that minor annoyance, it worked really well for me.

Traffic Jam, label
The label. I wish I had taken a better picture, but you get the idea (even if it's a little fuzzy).

Traffic Jam, folded up and pretty
So it is finally finished and mailed to baby Cooper (though he was born at the beginning of June, he was actually due in July-- so I'm practically on time). I don't think his mama reads my blog, but if she does, then hopefully this will motivate her to check the mailbox!

Welcome to the world, Cooper! I hope you enjoy your new blankie.


  1. I was wondering what came of this quilt. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it turned out. You did such an amazing job!

  2. Robin, that is just beautiful!! I can't believe you put that much work into it and then gave it away. I'm not sure I would have been able to let go of that one!

  3. What a fabulous quilt! The colors and the quilting are wonderful!

  4. Excellent!!! That put a big smile on my face. :) Love how you quilted it and interesting about the bamboo batting and the sewing machine. I've only hand quilted with it, but will try by machine someday.

  5. Wow Robin! This is stunning!

  6. I just love how this turned out! Very nice!

  7. I love it Robin, You did a fantastic job.

  8. Awesome, awesome! I really like the solid color blocks with print sashing. Wow! And all that bobbin changing for the quilting... You are a better woman then I. Great, great job! =]

  9. the quilting on that is absolutely fantastic! that baby will love it to pieces i'm sure. Amazing work! :)