Friday, July 3, 2009

Frantic finish

At the end of May, I attended a charity sew-in event put on by my guild. I completed a top and promised that I would have it finished up in time for the July meeting. Flash forward to the end of June... aaack! Working frantically, I basted the quilt on Sunday, I quilted it on Monday, and I bound it on Tuesday-- just in time for the July guild meeting yesterday.

Strawberry Fields, completed front
I used a kit provided by the guild for the top, but I used fabric from my stash for the backing. It's not a perfect match to the front floral, but it is by the same company (In the Beginning) and has a similar feel to it.

Strawberry Fields, back and front
You can see some of the backing peeking out in the photo above.

Strawberry Fields, quilting detail
The quilting isn't anything special (just a simple meander), but it crinkled up very nicely in the wash.

It's definitely a cuddly quilt. And hopefully, it will help brighten up some camper's day.


  1. The quilts you made are very pretty and very colorful. Very nicely done. It's always refreshing and wonderful to see people who are very artistic and creative. Good for you!

  2. Great quilt and what a great thing for you to be involved in. Kudos to you for taking the time to make someone such a special quilt!

  3. Wow, you have been a busy little bee :) It looks great!

  4. Good for you Robin...I love that pink and green together...definitely cheery.

  5. How pretty! It looks so soft and cuddly and will be a treasure.

  6. Hey now! That turned out great!!

    Maybe I need to set dates for my projects to be done. It may be the only way I get anything done.

  7. whew! that is some fast sewing. Turned out great!
    Happy 4th of July.