Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Star Quilt Along, Weeks 10 & 11

I actually finished this one last week, but am only now getting to posting it. Week 10 block:

Star Quilt Along, Week 10 block
It came together very easily and I like how it turned out.

Week 11 block:

Star Quilt Along, Week 11 block
I really love the final result, but it was a pain! I was having all sorts of problems with my seams and points, and was tearing out stitches right and left. Ugh. I think one of my main issues though was pressing.

Sometimes, pressing is really intuitive for me. But other times I seriously struggle. It's like chess. In chess, you're supposed to always be analyzing the board, making moves in your head many turns before you actually make them. My brain just fails miserably at this. I can't focus so specifically that far ahead and retain what it is I'm supposed to be doing now. Frankly, I am just not a good chess player. And that is how I feel when pressing blocks like these—I'm just not a good presser. Which way should I press this one, knowing that it's going to connect to this and that and then eventually that??? Fortunately, the block looks good—but I know that if I had pressed certain things differently, it would look even better. I really should sit down and make a gameplan, but for a single block in a fun quilt, it just seems like too much.


  1. Love your color combination and I'm amazed at the fact your doing the Dear Jane quilt (which intimidates the life out of me!) and the quilt-a-long! Great job! :)

  2. Don't over complicate things. I figure I can pull anything straight when I sew the blocks together. :-)