Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quilting along: progress!

Inspired by the prodigious Zonnah, I've been plugging away at the Oh, Fransson! Quilt Along. On Monday night I managed to complete the last of the blocks.

completed Mod Sampler Quilt blocks
I also was able to successfully cut out all of the sashing/borders I need for the top of the quilt (after some somewhat stressful calculations). I was a little short for my cutting plan, but I had just enough fabric to piece the rest of what I needed.

Last night, after spending much time working on setting up a layout that I liked, I proceeded to put the top together.

close-up of top
Now all that's left is to add the outer sashing, and I'll have a completed top!

top without outside sashing

Hopefully, I'll be able to get the rest of the sashing on in the next couple of days. But then this quilt will have to be set aside for a bit so I can do some catching up on my other projects. Fortunately, the recipient of this quilt is not due to appear until summer. So I've got a little time before I need to finish it up.


  1. That looks AWESOME!! That is going to be a really fantastic quilt for one lucky person. :-)

  2. Great job!!! Love all the colors. Like a box of crayons.

  3. I really like how the only print is in the sashing. Very original.

  4. Where did you get that sashing fabric? Do you know what brand it is? (You's is one of my absolute favorite mod-quilts!)