Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playtime: the bear

It's been quite awhile since I've taken time to work on my "Playtime" quilt. Having found some inspiration to do applique this week, I was excited to work on this project again! Here is the bear:

Playime, the dancing bear block
It is all applique (plus a little bit of embroidery), mostly needleturn with freezer paper on top. I used a vinyl overlay for placement of the pieces as I went along. Going into this one, I had a few concerns-- what colors to use, how to deal with the ball, and getting sharp points. The drum went together pretty easily. The ball took some time. I used a yellow base fabric (to peek through those narrow areas), and then appliqued the other pieces on top of it. Then I cut a heat-resistant mylar template to the size of the ball and used Carrie P.'s method for preparing circles (LOVE that method!!!). It was a little tricky because of all of the applique (and I forgot to leave wide outside edges on a couple of the pieces), but I think it worked pretty well.

Overall, I think he's a happy looking bear!

And here's my progress chart:

Playtime progress chart, 1-30-2010


  1. Yay! Playtime is back! I love looking at these blocks.

  2. The bear is SO cute! Your applique skills are amazing.

  3. It is so cute! So glad to see you working on it again :)

  4. This quilt is going to be gorgeous! Fantastic bear block!!

  5. I love this project! The bear looks incredible!

  6. Coming together nicely. Your applique work is perfect. Good job.