Friday, March 26, 2010

Fish stitchin'

I've spent the last few evenings prepping craft projects for my son's preschool.

This one I call "Flying Fish":

flying fish craft
The theme is still underwater exploration, so a flying fish seemed like a good fit. And I even got some stitchin' in! I cut out the fish shapes and then used my sewing machine (and an old needle) to stitch around the edges. I stuffed the fish with shredded paper, and then did a little more stitching to close it up. And now the fish are ready for the kids to decorate.

a big bag of flying fish
I thought stitching would actually be easier/quicker than glue, and I was right. But, this was still a pretty labor-intensive craft preparation, particularly since I had to prep 70 of them!

I did find some fun facts about flying fish too:
  • There are over 40 species of flying fish.
  • The most striking feature of flying fish are their unusually large pectoral fins (located on the sides of their bodies).
  • Flying fish use their large fins to leap out of the water, allowing them to take short flights through the air.
  • Flying fish can glide up to 665 feet through the air!
  • Flying fish can soar high enough that sailors often find them on the decks of their ships.


  1. 70! holy cow! They turned out great though!

  2. So cute! When I see all that you and Zonnah do with your little ones, I think how lucky they are to have you as Moms!

  3. Very cool! I hope they enjoy them :)

  4. Great flying fish. Some interesting facts too.