Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The party begins!

For my birthday, my husband gave me a gift certificate to a local quilt shop. I promptly went out and made use of it by purchasing fabrics for the Pinwheel Party quilt along hosted by the fabulous Anina.

fabrics for my Pinwheel Party quilt
I was in the mood for something happy and springy. I think these fit the bill pretty well!

Yesterday, Anina posted the first block in the quilt along. While the boy was in preschool this morning, I had a chance to put it together.

Pinwheel Party block 1
Can't wait for block 2!


  1. What a sweet husband and Happy Birthday! Your fabric choices do feel happy and spring-like! The block design looks really fun. Did it take long?

  2. I like it! Free time is so nice and I glad you used it for you :)

  3. Happy birthday and Dh knows you can't go wrong with fabric. Love love pinwheels.

  4. Seriously, I'd hate you if I didn't love you! :-) I'm still 4 blocks behind on my Paintbox blocks. Sigh. I've also apparently lost my mind and bought the "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler" book. I've not committed with fabric yet, so we'll see how long I can avoid having one more thing I'm behind on! You Dear Jane quilt inspired me . . . and now I'm most certainly doomed . . .

  5. Great and thoughtful husband.
    Hope you had a nice birthday.