Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Sheep Quilt

I got word that baby Nolan received his quilt (and that he loves it!), so I can finally show off the finished project:

Little Sheep Quilt complete!
The design is Elizabeth Hartman's Simple Modern Baby Quilt (available through her etsy shop, Oh, Fransson!). It is a simple and very effective pattern. The instructions call for some non-traditional techniques, and I enjoyed trying out her methodology. All the seams were pressed open, all the blocks were made a little larger and then cut down to size (which did really ensure uniform-sized blocks), the quilting is through just the top two layers allowing a stitch-free back (so as not to affect the super softness of the minkee), and I used a very different (for me) binding technique (which I doubt I'll be using again, but it was cool to try it out).

Little Sheep Quilt front
The pattern includes directions and templates for an applique bird, kitty, puppy, and giraffe. They are super cute, but didn't really fit my farm theme. So I went ahead and drew my own little sheep. This would be a great pattern for beginners as the blocks are simple and the instructions are incredibly detailed (and include lots of pictures!). I really recommend it for a simple and fun baby quilt project.

Little Sheep Quilt back
I really wasn't sure about how well the quilting technique would work, but it turned out well. The key is to make sure it is taut (but not stretched) before laying the quilted top layers on it, and then basting really well around the edges so it doesn't shift (which is actually kind of challenging). I washed it up and it seems to hold together flat pretty well... I didn't end up with a funky tent when it came out of my dryer, so I count that as a success. I wouldn't try this with anything larger than a baby quilt though. I don't think it would work as well.

Little Sheep Quilt label
I was a little surprised at how easily I was able to stitch the label on by hand, even on the minkee. If I had thought ahead better, I would have made the label and stitched it onto the back by machine before layering the quilt together. Ah, well. Next time I'll be smarter about it.

Little Sheep Quilt nice and folded
This quilt was a lot of fun to make. I hope it offers lots of snuggly goodness to little Nolan!


  1. I just love those fussy cute centers. Very cute quilt.

  2. It is so pretty! I love sheep so much. What method did you use for the binding?

  3. What a truly adorable quilt, I love it and the colours you used. It will be so cuddly with the minkee on the back.

  4. This is adorable! I wish I knew someone that needed a baby quilt because this is the one.

  5. Very sweet! Nolan will love it.

  6. That is absolutely one of the cutest baby quilts I've ever seen! Love it!

  7. The thing I love most about this quilt is how you used that stripe fabric. I have some of it too (as you know!), and have always thought it was pretty ugly. But in this quilt it looks fabulous! You did an amazing job of bringing together a bunch of very different fabrics, with a wonderful result that is so much greater than the sum of the parts. That is a very special talent!!

  8. I'm so glad the pattern worked out for you. You're quilt is beautiful, and I adore that sheep applique!

  9. Oy! I really can speak English. I meant that YOUR quilt is beautiful!