Monday, April 13, 2009

Stacked coins baby quilt

Over the last few days, I was finally able to get going on my Stacked Coins Baby Quilt-- and I have a completed top!

I think it's looking pretty and sweet so far. Very girly! I've also completed the back, and hope to get it all basted this week (the baby is due next week!).

I'm undecided about how to quilt it. Initially, I was thinking about trying to quilt some pink and yellow or variegated flowers in the sashing strips, with a simple stipple through the coins. But I'm not sure if my skills are quite up to flowers. So then I was thinking an overall stipple, in the style of amandajean's original. Hmmm...

It might be good to try and stretch myself a little.


  1. The quilt top looks lovely - so girly, yet pretty & bright at the same time. I've spent this afternoon cutting my "coins" for a slightly different stacked coins quilt. I just love the look of these! I think an all over stipple would look great!
    Best wishes,

  2. What a pretty quilt.

    I look forward to seeing how you quilted it.

  3. Very pretty! I just love the coin pattern. I made one is solids (Amish style) and would like to make one in Asian fabric.

  4. Try pushing yourself, if it does not work you can always take it out.

  5. So pretty and girly! I vote for all over stipple.

  6. What a fantastic quilt for a little girl! I agree with the general consensus that an overall stipple would work wonderfully.