Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome, 2013!!!

Whew! That sure went by fast. I still can't believe that it is already a new year and 2012 is officially in the past. Wow!

Frankly, I wasn't even going to write this post, but then I went and looked back at my 2012 goals and was shocked to find that I actually followed through on them. While I had a good year overall, it did not feel like a great crafting year. There were many dry spells and not much blogging as a result. I made some great stuff though!

Looking at that collage really makes me smile. I may not have been crazy-productive, but I made some things I am really proud of!

Here were my goals for 2012:

  • Use more fabric than I buy.-- This is a biggie. I list this as a goal every year, and it usually falls by the wayside. But NOT THIS YEAR!
    Fabric In: 74.681
    Fabric Used: 81.826
    That's right-- I used more than I bought!!!! Woo!
  • Get my Jane Stickle quilt basted and start quilting it!-- Basted, check! As for quilting, I have managed to quilt two blocks so far. Not much, but it is a start.
  • Complete the Amy Butler Style Stitches challenge.-- Alas, this one was a no go. While I definitely want to complete one of those bags (I have the fabric for it and everything), I just wasn't in the mood for bags most of this year. I did just finish a different Amy Butler bag though-- a Christmas present for my husband! I'll share pictures soon.
  • Finish some UFOs-- I specifically listed Hop to It (began 2011), Playtime (began 2008), and my wedding quilt (began 2002). I finished the Playtime quilt top (woo!) and now it is waiting for quilting. Hop to It and my wedding quilt are DONE! Another UFO I managed to finish was the Paintbox Quiltalong (began 2010). So I'm feeling like 2012 was a pretty good year for UFO completion for me!
  • Keep exercising!-- Woo! I'm still going! I completed two half-marathons in the last 4 months, and have started to regularly work on my strength and core-training by going to boot camp twice a week. I haven't lost much weight this year (only about 10 pounds), but my body has changed a LOT-- I can see that my hard work is paying off, even if the scale isn't showing it (yet!).
My Goals for 2013:
  1. Use more fabric than I buy.-- I made it this year, but it was close. I need to really make an effort to buy what I need (as opposed to stash-building) and work to use what I already have.

  2. Finish at least 2 UFOs.-- Carrie P. over at A Passion for Applique has declared 2013 to be the year of the UFO. Now she is super hard core and is focusing her efforts on all UFOs, all the time. I know that is beyond me. I need fresh projects every so often to keep me motivated. So it won't be "Nothing but UFOs in 2013" for me. But, I'd really like to move some of my unquilted tops out of the closet and finish a couple tops that have been languishing. I think the top two need-to-be-quilted on my list are my Bargello Reflections top (unblogged) and my recent Mystery Quilt top. The top two on my wanna-finish-that-top list are my Greepiece project and my most recent block exchange. But really, whatever I can get done will be a good thing. I might even pick a couple of months to play along with everyone participating in Carrie's challenge-- I'll need all the motivation I can get!

  3. Sew more clothes for me!-- I had some great sewing successes last year, and I want to keep the ball rolling. One project I know I want to do is a coat or jacket. It will definitely stretch my skills, but I think if I can focus myself to get it done right, it would be so worth it.

  4. More handwork.-- I miss my handwork! I have really lost focus on this aspect of my sewing life, and I want to make an effort to bring it back in. I have a number of projects I can work on (including Harrington and Hannah and quilting my Jane Stickle) and (hopefully) I'll be doing lots of binding this year too to finish those UFOs I'll be quilting up!.

  5. Lose that last 15 pounds.-- On one level, I realize that this magic number I've set for myself is arbitrary and meaningless. But on another level, it is a goal, and I want to see what my body is like at that goal. I want to be healthier and weight is a part of that. I've been working hard, the key now is to keep doing that and work to get the whole food thing in balance. That is tough. I really (really) like food. But I can do this!
Those goals should keep me plenty busy, and hopefully well-focused, for the year.

Here's to a crafty and fabulous 2013!

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  1. I like your collage too. You accomplished a lot.
    Good luck with your goals and feel free to join in my challenge any time.