Saturday, January 26, 2013

Making of a volcano - Days 2-5

And then the great volcano sat. Dormant... waiting for its time to erupt! (In other words, lots of waiting around while the giant mountain dried.)

Day 2:

Big Bear using the blow dryer on the volcano

Definitely drying on the outside, but the inside was clearly still on the very wet side. Big Bear worked the blow dryer to help it along.

Day 3:

Hmmm... dry on the outside, but still way too wet on the inside.

holes drilled into the sides of the bucket

My husband decided to try drilling some holes on the sides of the bucket to see if allowing more airflow to the inside would help. There was some blow dryer action after the holes were drilled as well.

Day 4:

The venting holes worked! The inside was definitely drying out. Yay!!!

Day 5:

Papa primes the volcano

Dry!!! Time to prime...

boys painting the volcano

...and paint!

Ready to erupt party!


  1. What a fun family project. Great memories for Big Bear. I am sure little bear loves it too.

  2. that is one big volcano!! so exciting!