Friday, February 1, 2013

Volcano Party!

Last weekend was the big event: Big Bear's 6th birthday party!!! He had a great time with family and friends.

The hit of the party was the lava rock toss into the paper mache volcano we created:

Little Bear attempts to get his lava rock out of the volcano

Seeing Little Bear attempting to get his lava rock out of the volcano kind of gives you a sense of scale. It was a fair-sized mountain!

homemade bean bag lava rocks

I made some special bean bag "lava rocks" to toss. I just used some rock and lava-looking fabrics from my stash. Some were traditional square shapes, others were more irregular (rock-like!). They are filled with a mix of poly-fil and dry red beans.

custom colored cotton candy

For prizes/favors, I ordered some custom-created cotton candy through etsy seller, Sweetopia. She was even able to color it grey-- to mimic volcanic ash! It was awesome!

volcano cake!

And of course, there was a volcano cake. I took inspiration from a tutorial I found for making an erupting volcano cake and used a bundt pan and a bowl to create the cake stack. Since I knew we wanted it to be sturdy (as opposed to spongy), I used a recipe for Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake that was nice and dense (though it was also a little on the dry side; still tasty though!). We used a glass to cut out the center of the bowl cake and then stuck it down the hole through both layers, just as in the tutorial. Then we used some dry ice to create a foggy/eruption-effect. It was actually pretty darn cool in person. Big Bear loved it!!!

Big Bear is super excited about his erupting volcano cake

Happy Birthday, Big Bear!!!


  1. Goodness, Robin . . . how will you top that for next year? Such a great job on all the volcano items! Can you believe you have a 6 year old?

  2. Now you are the kind of mom who knows how to throw a party. I remember when one of my boys was little we had a pirate party. so much fun.

  3. Now that's a party! He looks so happy!! What great memories he will have.