Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not-so-instant Gratification

Cake Patterns Tiramisu pattern coverThe last few weeks have pretty much been a bust, craft-wise. At the end of January, I got a virus that put me out for nearly two weeks. Ugh! And since then, I'm still dragging and lacking motivation. So I've been spending my time trolling the blog-o-sphere looking for inspiration to kick-start the creative juices. I finally found it in the form of a dress: Cake Patterns Tiramisu.
Ooo... after seeing it made up in different fabrics on widely varying body types, I decided I needed this dress. Need, I tell you! And I did NOT want to have to wait for the pattern to ship from Australia... who knows how long that would take? No. I wanted it NOW. And, lo! I found that the pattern is available as a pdf (for less $$$ too!) and I snatched it up.


An hour of printing (to say nothing of the time I spent fighting with my printer to attempt to scale the pattern pages to the correct size).

About 120 pieces of paper.

Two rolls of scotch tape.

2.5 hours of cutting and taping.

40 minutes to trace (having to dodge the cars and trucks the boys were racing on the hallway floor where I was tracing may have affected the timing here)

tracing my Tiramisu

I still haven't managed to cut any fabric.

But, through all of this I have definitely learned something: pdf clothing patterns are definitely NOT for me. Next time I shall go ahead and spend the extra couple of dollars (well worth it!) and wait for the printed pattern.


  1. Oh my, I hear you! I'm not into it either, unless it is small and simple - I just don't want to fight it!
    Hope you find your mojo and energy again. Nasty virus. :-(

  2. so sorry to hear you have been sick but are feeling a little better.
    Oh, sounds dreadful. I don't think I would have preservered like you.