Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Frog Prince

Halloween was a lot of fun this year!

Frog Prince front view
The costume turned out really well. The pattern is Simplicity 3594, view B. I used flannel (nice and toasty warm) for the body, hat, and feet. The hat was lined with Kona cotton. The collar and crown were from a lamé-weight embroidered star fabric. The eyes were made from fleece.

Frog Prince back view
My first instinct was to make a size 4, so of course I made a size 3 for the body (because I just didn't trust my first instinct). It ended up being a little tight, but it worked. I actually also shortened the leg length by about 1.5" (because I've had to do that in the past with patterns for him), but that ended up being unnecessary.

Frog Prince hat
Unfortunately, the Boy was not so into the hat. In the brief moments that it was on his head, he would be in the process of attempting to take it off (as in the picture above). My theory as to why? Because the hat is the part I spent the most time making. LOL! The hat pattern came in sizes S, M, and L. I made a large and added a little width as I cut out the pattern (maybe about .5" or so). Though it fit his head width-wise, it ended up way too small length-wise. So I had to adjust for that (you can read about that mini-saga here). In the end, it fit him pretty well.

frog feet
Frog feet were also part of the pattern and I made those too. However, the Boy hated those even more than the hat. They stayed on his feet for a grand total of about 20 seconds. I don't even have any pictures of him wearing them. But, here they are. Cute!

The Boy is beginning to understand the concepts of "candy" and "trick or treat" and knocking on doors. We were pretty low-key and just trick-or-treated in our little neighborhood. At the start, he used one finger to tap on the door. By the end, he was making a fist and actually knocking. But his favorite part of the adventure was taking candy and putting it in his bucket. Actually, I don't think he was nearly as excited about the candy as he was just for the process of putting it in his bucket.

And, just to make sure that everyone knew what the Boy was (since he didn't have a frog head), Papa went ahead and wore the hat. Yay, Papa!!!


  1. It is soooo cute!!! Nice job. The hat turned out great.

  2. lol, too bad you don't have a pic of your husband wearing the hat :) Your son is way cute!

  3. That is funny that papa wore the hat.
    Your son looks so cute and you did such a great job.

  4. CUTE!!!!!!!!! And good for papa for wearing the hat!

  5. Oh my! You really outdid yourself.

  6. Love the frog prince costume!! Adorable! You are so talented Robin!!!

  7. This is great! I saw that pattern in the Simplicity book and was tempted to get it, since this year my almost-22-month old daughter, my husband, and I want to be a family of frogs for Halloween (since my daughter LOVES to hop around like a frog). The notes about your son not liking the hat or feet are really helpful, too. I was thinking (since it's SO close to Halloween already and I haven't started making the costumes) that I will make fleece frog hats for all 3 of us, and my husband and I will wear green shirts, and my daughter will wear green shirt and pants. I may leave it at that, or I may make little froggie hand mittens to sew to the edge of the shirt sleeve (so she can have them on or off). This post was really helpful though! Great job!