Monday, November 23, 2009

Greenpiece month 1: Applique blocks

Woo hoo! I managed to complete both of my Moda Greenpiece applique blocks before the month two blocks arrived.

Block 1:

Greenpiece applique block 1
The biggest challenge in this block was placement. The patterns include the shapes, but don't have any placement guides. So I'm kind of having to wing it. :)

Block 2:
Greenpiece applique block 2
I started with the watermelon. I put it together separately and then attached it to the background as one large piece. I decided to try and do the veins on the outer rind by reverse applique. Oh, my. That was hard. When I went to pick up my month 2 blocks, I took a look at the sample to see how it was done, and found that she had used embroidery for the veins. How smart! Too bad I didn't think of that. But, I don't think the reverse applique looks too bad.

The tiny stars and the bird were also very challenging for me. Lots of narrow points, skinny pieces, and tiny angles. Ooof. I wish the beak were cleaner and better. But I did it twice, and don't really want to risk it again (the fabric is rather frayed at this point). My bird is maybe just a little more menacing-looking than the original. He really wants that watermelon!


  1. Great blocks. I love the bird and watermelon. Wow, reverse applique and those stars. Great job.

  2. I think we are always way harder on ourselfs because I think it looks great!

  3. The watermelon rind looks excellent and so do the rest of your two blocks! This looks like it is going to turn into one beautiful quilt.

  4. Your doing a lovely job I particularly like the bird and watermelon.

  5. You did a fantastic job! They both look great.

  6. You did good! Very good! The bird is perfect, as is your reverse applique. And how beautiful is that background fabric.

  7. Robin, your applique looks great! I admire the reverse applique and tiny shapes. I have a hard time with reverse applique. Nice going!