Sunday, February 3, 2008

Excess foam

After I completed the windowseat cushion, I found myself with a number of leftover chunks of foam. None of the pieces were particularly large. Just small blocks.

Hmmmm.... blocks, eh?

So I made myself a bunch of colorful blocks! I shopped my stash. I used cotton primarily, but I was also able to integrate some different textures on a few of them (minkee, flannel, fleece, and organza). They were really simple to make too. Yay!

I think they're really fun looking, and that the boy will enjoy them (or, if nothing else, he will enjoy throwing them). I was even thinking it might be fun to go out and buy foam so that I can make a few baby gifts. There are just so many options. Alphabet, animals, colors, numbers... and one could integrate embroidery designs too. Fun stuff. :)

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