Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can't leave well enough alone

After sleeping on it, I decided to go ahead and try to improve some on the windowseat cushion. It didn't look quite as awful to me this morning. So much less awful that I'll even post some pictures:

The most poorly constructed parts are the corners. I would have to rip and re-sew to try and fix those. But I was just not motivated to do that. But, I did think it would benefit from wrapping the foam with batting-- to help hide the piecing (which was very visible when my husband sat down on it) and to help fluff it out a little and make it appear smoother on top and bottom.

Clearly my calling lies in foam and batting, because it seems like I can at least do that pretty well:

With the cover back on, I think the improvement is visible. Notice how the fabric is much smoother on top:

Though it is far from perfect, I am much happier with the final product. Thank goodness, because I was feeling like poop there for awhile.

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