Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A learning experience...

You know how I was feeling so proud of my foam? Well, I completed my windowseat cushion, and it kind of sucks. It's passable (meaning I'll use it rather than try and re-do it at this point) since it is going into a room that is off-the-beaten-path (the front piano room) and, really, it's more for the cats than any human (because a 14" wide bench is a little skimpy for most adults). Here it is, in situ:

I think I cut my top and bottom correctly; I made the welting correctly; the zipper was all good. My downfall: the 3" between the top and bottom. My measurements were off. My seam allowance was off (I accounted for 1/2" but because of the zipper foot and needle position I ended up doing a 5/8"... sigh). And then I did a pretty horrible job of attaching the band to the top and bottom pieces. It's a little lot wonkabilly.

Because I pieced the foam, I was going to wrap it in batting to help keep it all together and create a more uniform surface. But, after completing the cover, I realized there wouldn't be room. The foam just barely fit in there.

Ah, well. My next cushion-oriented project will be better as I have learned a few things from this experience. Learning is good.

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