Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Well, I decided to jump in and start the window seat cushion. I took the measurements last week and thought I didn't have enough foam. But, I had an epiphany the other night (after waking to give the boy some 4 a.m. comfort)-- I had enough to piece it together!

Fortunately, my mom gave us an electric knife for Christmas two years ago (which up to this point, I still hadn't used). This made the cutting of the 3" foam much less painful than it could have been. The biggest challenge was the measuring
. High density foam is not cheap (thus my desire to use what I have rather than buy another piece), so I really wanted/needed to be careful not to make serious errors.

My piece was 24" wide x 43.75" long. I needed a piece 13.75" wide x 65.25" long. So I cut a long 10.25" strip along the length, leaving me a slab 13.75" wide x 48.75" long. I then took the 10.25" strip and cut it into three 13.75" pieces. Next, I used the trusty foam adhesive (and my fingers are still rather sticky... ewww) and stuck those onto the ends of the main slab to make one long piece. Then I trimmed down to the correct length and cut out the back corners. Voila!

I made registration marks across the various pieces, so I would know what to stick to what. Notice my trusty electric knife in the upper right of the picture (thanks, mom!). And don't pay any attention to the messy craft room.

Next on the agenda: buy batting to wrap the foam, and cut my fabric.

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