Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More fabric-liciousness

Fabric purchased 2-20-2008Sigh. I'm hopeless, I think. Curbing my enthusiasm for purchasing new fabrics is proving to be difficult. I try to console myself in that at least the fabric is being purchased for specific, current projects. That's something, right?

Pacific Fabrics & Crafts had a spiffy President's Day sale with all fabric 25% off. Crazy! I showed admirable self-restraint and managed to get away with just 3 yards, both earmarked for a specific project. It was hard though. I really wanted to buy more (that leopard sweater knit is still calling to me... even at $29.99 a yard). But the really awesome thing about the experience is that I was sans boy! I got to spend two-and-a-half hours fabric shopping while papa watched the boy. Woo hoo!

Having a little time on my hands, I took the opportunity to go across the street and visit Bernina Northwest and continue on my "World Sewing Tour." Every month they "visit" a different country and offer brief demonstrations on a technique. This month, I visited Italy and learned about a method of machine trapunto that utilizes the embroidery unit. As always, it was both educational and fun. I'm sad that March is the last month they'll be offering this program.

I also had a birthday gift certificate (thank you Keith!) for Keepsake Cottage Fabrics burning a hole in my pocket. So today, I went on a fat quarter binge (18!) to further my Grandmother's Flower Garden endeavors. I tried to do some calculations to determine sizing, and it seems I'll need at least 81 blocks (and probably a few half-blocks) to get to a queen-king size. Sigh. I'm further away than I thought. On the bright side, however, is that I had a reason to buy more fabulous Asian prints!

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