Monday, February 4, 2008


I'm not usually much into the New Year's resolutions thing, because frankly, I don't keep them. But yet, somehow I still made a couple for this year. Well, three, really-- but I already broke one. :P

1. Go to Atomic Java no more than three times a week. Ha! That one didn't last long. Caffeine addiction is a powerful anti-resolution agent.

2.Use more fabric than I buy. I'm doing better on this one. I've actually started a spreadsheet and have been tracking the fabric I purchase and the amount of fabric I actually use. I'm ahead at this point. I've bought 11.5 yards, but I've used 13.75 yards. Wait! I've used 14.25 if you include the pants I made for the boy today. Yay!

3. Don't buy any books; read the books I have. Really, I should specify "leisure reading" types of books (e.g., trashy romance, mystery, adventure, et. al.). I don't include parenting or children's books in this resolution. The goal is that I read the books I've got sitting on my bookcase (some of which have been there for 10 years or more). This one I'm doing well on. But it's hard. I can't tell you how bad I've been a hankerin' to buy some trashy new fiction.

Well, one month in, and I'm still going strong on two of the three. Go, me!

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