Saturday, February 9, 2008


Journey to Light, Block 4Tonight I worked on block four of A Journey to Light. I think it turned out pretty well. But, for whatever reason, while putting it together I just felt blah. I really have a yearning to start a new quilt— something small... a baby quilt, maybe. But I have this guilt about all of the unfinished projects I have. Thffpt! Stupid guilt.

I suspect part of the reason I really have this urge is so that i can actually finish something. JtL is coming together really quickly, but I know that the quilting part of the project is going to be an endurance test. It will involve stitching down all of the applique as well as using monofilament thread (always an adventure for me).

What's wrong with something small, really? So long as I don't buy any new fabric for it.

Speaking of buying fabric... I seriously fell off the wagon this week. I bought 12 fat quarters (2 fun colorful children's prints, 10 Asian prints for my Grandmother's Flower Garden project) and 4.5 yards of a wonderful white-on-white gingko leaf print to use as my path for the flower garden. I know, I have another 30 blocks or so still to go, but I'm feeling close enough that I just wanted to be ready (and it was really, really cool). :P The current tally:

Fabric In: 22.125
Fabric Used: 15.875

I'd better get sewing!

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