Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

The start of a new year is always an exciting time for me. New year = fresh starts in my mind. Really though, 2011 was a pretty awesome year for me, and I have no complaints-- so really, I'm just kind of hoping for more of the same. Is that weird?

My goals for last year:
  1. Use more fabric than I buy.-- Ha!
               Fabric In: 148.700
               Fabric Used: 88.801
    I feel like I did exercise a lot of self restraint though. So that's something, right?
  2. Finish at least one UFO-- Only one UFO finished, but it was a biggie-- "Forest Canopy" for the win!
  3. Put together my Jane Stickle top.-- So close on this one... I've stalled out on adding the final outside border (the narrow 2.5" one that I'll cut the scallops from after quilting). But the center is otherwise done. Woo!
  4. Have fun with being creative and making stuff!-- This one was a total win! I have had lots of fun this year branching out from just quilting-- I did a lot more sewing and made lots of clothes, bags, and pincushions (my new addiction). I've also been pretty good about keeping up with our family scrapbook, which I'm feeling really proud about.
When I first started thinking about it, I kind of felt like maybe I didn't manage to accomplish too much. But after putting together a collage of some of my finished projects, I feel like I was actually pretty productive!

Only 5 quilts (and one of those was a little wallhanging), but lots of bags, pincushions, and even a fair amount of clothes.

My goals for 2012:
  1. Use more fabric than I buy.-- Someday, I'm going to actually meet this goal. Maybe this is the year? :)
  2. Get my Jane Stickle quilt basted and start quilting it!
  3. Complete the Amy Butler Style Stitches challenge.-- The actual challenge group is seemingly retired, but I still really want to make those last two bags in the book.
  4. Finish some UFOs-- Specifically, I'd really like to finish Hop to It, Playtime, and (highest priority!) my wedding quilt (started in 2002... as this year will be our 10th anniversary, it seems like it is time).
  5. Keep exercising!-- Last summer I started exercising regularly (primarily running) and it is not only helping me physically (I've lost nearly 30 pounds in the last 4 months), but it is also so beneficial to my mental well-being. I feel so much more hopeful, refreshed, and energetic after I run. More energy = more crafting! I gotta make sure I keep going!

I'm looking forward to a happy and healthy 2012!


  1. Have you seen Legally Blonde? I love the line where she says 'I just don't think that Brooke could've done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.' well you reminded me of that and it made me laugh! My Mother's favorite sewing room quote was 'She who dies with the most fabric wins' she had this on several little wall hangings and such (I guess I am about quotes today) well you are just making another goal there! LOL But really... thy are good goals! and you had a VERY productive 2011!!

  2. You had a ton of accomplishments this year. Don't forget how much time those little bears take.

    I am with you on the fabric challenge. My goal is to not buy any new fabrics unless it is to finish a projects I am working on. I plan on buying batting and backing this year and that's it! Only 364 more days to go. LOL

  3. Great goals Robin! I know you have been more productive than me this year! :0

  4. You got so much done last year! I love seeing the photo mosaics that people are making. All of those accomplishments in one place is really motivating! Unfortunatley, mine would be very sparse! I'm sure you'll have no problem meeting your goals this year!!

  5. Awesome! I am really excited about your Jane quilt. Mine alas, has not been worked on in a year :(
    Good for you on exercising, I really need to start doing that again.
    Lol, it has been a long time since I herd FTW.