Monday, January 16, 2012

This week in the quilt mines...

...was a little on the slow side. First Little Bear got sick, followed by Big Bear and Papa. It was not a healthful week here in the Crafty Musings house!

On the bright side:

basted top of my Whimsy quilt-- yay!

I did manage to meet my goal for this week's One Thing, One Week Challenge at Amy's Creative Side! Woo! I am very happy to report that I managed to get the basting done on my Whimsy quilt. I had hoped to maybe start quilting it, but it was not meant to be last week. Maybe this week?

One Thing, One Week Challenge button

If you get a chance, check out what some of the other intrepid One Weekers accomplished this week-- it is always very inspiring!


  1. Amazing you got any sewing done with all those sickies in the house! Looks as though your quilt is coming along.

  2. Hope everyone feels better!
    Do you use a spray baste when you baste your quilts??

  3. Absolutely inspiring! I need to get quilting here shortly. I have a baby quilt wip calling my name! Good job!

  4. I hope everyone is feeling better by now?