Tuesday, January 10, 2012

For the man who has everything...

Well. My husband doesn't exactly have everything. More like, he just doesn't want anything. It makes for a serious gift-giving challenge. So this year, I didn't even try to shop. Instead, I found a super-cool fabric (the totally awesome mini robots from Caleb Gray which I purchased from Pink Chalk Fabrics) and decided to make some pajama pants for him.

Kwik Sew 3793 pattern cover
I used Kwik Sew Pattern #3793. I took his favorite pair of pj pants and held them against the pattern to determine size and any other adjustments that might be needed. I ended up with a size Large and took 1.5" off the leg length. The pattern is designed for beginners and the instructions truly were very clear and easy to follow. And (bonus!) they were quick and easy-- I got them cut and sewn in one evening, no problem (well, other than the problems I had with my own brain, resulting in a massive un-sewing session). But, even with the unsewing, I got them done in one evening!

And they were a total hit when my husband opened them on Christmas! So much so that he even agreed to model them for the blog:

Kwik Sew 3793, men's pajama pants
His only complaint about them is that the fly kind of pops open when he sits down. He thinks a button in that area would be a good idea. As that is a very do-able and easy adjustment to make, I feel like I can definitely call this gift (and pattern) a success. Yay!


  1. I want a pair! (No fly needed) LOL

  2. First I don't know what the man on the cover of the pattern is selling....I'm buying!! LOL YEARS ago I (with the help of my Mother) made Kaelynn and Honeyman matching pants like this. But I on the other hand have to make a small and ADD 2 inched!! What every happened to thos... anyway! They look great! Glad he liked them! He sounds like Honeyman in the VERY difficult to shop for category!! (poor guy got socks, unders, and slippers)

  3. Well, those are awesome. Great job.

  4. I don't think my husband would have modeled them, even if he did like it. So bravo to your husband!