Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowed in, stalled out

This week I spent a fair amount of time working on my Hop to It quilt, piecing the sashing. I finished all of the pieced sashing bits (yay!) and started to lay the quilt out on my design wall to get the placement just right.

Hop to It, border option A

It was then that I realized that the seemingly happy border fabric that I chose a few weeks ago just wasn't working for me. It just felt too cool and pinky for my taste.

Hop to It, border option B

So I moved on to plan B and shopped the stash. I found a potentially awesome candidate-- similar to the first, but in warmer colors. Maybe the best option wasn't to chop it up right away, but I was feeling confident and went ahead and did it. The warmer tones did work much better, but it still wasn't quite right.

Hop to It, side-by-side border comparison

Above is a comparison of the two border options. What do you think? A or B?

I called in my husband for another perspective. As he thought they both looked pretty much the same, he ended up being no help at all! Though, to be honest (and I do strive to be honest!), he's kind of right. They really do look remarkably similar unless one is standing very close. Hmmmm...

So then I spent awhile gazing at my wall and then at the pictures I took. Looking at them kind of shrunk-up in the computer helped me figure it out: the real problem is that they're just too dark. I need something lighter. I must find an option C.

On the down side-- I have to go shopping for the perfect fabric. Again. Which means I can't finish NOW.

On the bright side-- I get to go fabric shopping! And really, after having been snowed in for the last four days, any excuse to go out and about is a good one in my mind at this point! :)


  1. Beautiful quilting! Have fun fabric shopping.

  2. The only difference I see is that A, has cooler tones and B, has warmer tones. If I had to pick between just these two it would be B. Can't wait to see what you pick for option C :)

  3. The quilt is beautiful, to be honest, I thought it was sitting up against a dark hard wood and it took me a second to figure out that those were the materials. Sorry, jsut honest. I agree they are way dark, but I have to say I don't know if that is just the pic or if they really are that dark. I LOVE that you have gotten the sashing together. You put this much work into it you have to love it or you are going to be mad at it! Have fun shoping!!!

  4. Oh your quilt is just beautiful. How nice to see the borders on.

    I have two more blocks to finish, but have started on the sashing. It will be nice to wrap this one up! Such a lovely quilt.

  5. Gorgeous quilt! looks fantastic. I love B it has a little more umphf to it the other one is just a little to flat.
    It is gorgeous though that quilt will be a real show stopper

  6. Love it! I like the "cooler" one, but if neither of them "speaks to you", you may have to visit a fabric store.

  7. Definitely the B fabric (atleast on my computer it looks better than A)... but I'm waiting your C option! SO HAPPY SHOPPING ;o)

  8. OMG, this looks great!!!! I like B option from here. If it looks too dark, how about adding a small flag of something lighter to transition to the border? Oh I can't wait to see this one, wished I could see it in person!

  9. Oh, it looks good but I do think your hubby is right. The borders are very similar.

  10. Your quilt is going to look beautiful!! If neither of those borders sing to you ...go shopping! I think I tend to agree with you but only after a good hard look at them... B probably is the best pic of those two.