Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to school!

This morning was Big Bear's first day of First Grade!

Big Bear on his first day of First Grade!

He was a bit nervous, but definitely excited!

As he did half-day Kindergarten last year, this is also his first full day and the first time he's eating lunch at school. I decided to make some reusable snack bags to use when packing his lunch.

inside view of finished snack bag, showing off the exciting French seam

I started with the "Snack and Sandwich Bags Tutorial" at the SAHM of Etsy blog and then changed it up just a bit by using French seams in stitching up the sides. I just didn't like the naked seams in there. Also, as suggested in the tutorial, I used ripstop nylon as it is a food safe option (I was surprised to learn that laminated cottons and PUL are NOT food safe... good to know!!!). They were super quick and easy to put together and the perfect excuse to use some fun fabrics!

a nice big pile of snack bags with a friendly little lunch note

I also decided to try and add a personal touch by including a little note in his lunch bag. I used a printable I purchased through Sweet Pink Designs on Etsy. I printed it, glued it to some cardstock, and then my husband and I both wrote brief messages to Big Bear on the back. I think it will be a nice little surprise for him at lunchtime. :)

Now I need to go buy some more ripstop nylon so I can finish up our snack bag stash!

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  1. Look how big he is!
    great idea for the bags and good thing you did your research on the what is food safe.