Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to School: Part 2

This week it is Little Bear's turn to go back to school! This will be his third year of cooperative preschool. He decided that he wanted a school bag, just like his big brother. I was happy to oblige!

Mail Sack, front view

I used the Mail Sack pattern from Pink Chalk Studio. I actually made this same bag 3 years ago when Big Bear was in preschool.

Mail Sack, side view

He chose the fabrics. His favorite color is green. Again, it went together fabulously. I shortened the strap by 2" as Little Bear is on the smaller side. I think it is a great length for him that he can grow into some still.

Mail Sack, inside view

This time around, I interfaced everything (except for one pocket piece) resulting in the bag being a tad bit stiff. I figure as time passes, it will soften up. And as it belongs to Little Bear-- it needs all the durability it can get!

Mail Sack, Little Bear view

Sometimes, I look at him and it blows my mind. He's growing up so fast!


  1. I don't know whether I'm more in shock over how big he is or the fact that you guys are actually wearing sweaters already! ;-)

  2. The bag is crazy cute... but there is no way Little Bear can be that big already!

  3. where did the baby go? look at him so proud with his bag.

  4. It is soooo cute and he is too :)