Saturday, August 31, 2013

August accomplishments

Nothing But UFOs in 2013 button

It has been a busy month full of fun family adventure (vacations, outings, and activities galore), but not a whole lot of crafting (and even less blogging). However, I did manage to complete my August goals for Carrie P.'s Nothing but UFOs Challenge. It took me until the last day of the month, but I did it. Woo hoo!

  1. Baby Bot quilt:

    Baby Bots quilting detail


  2. Mod Mosaic quilt:

    Mod Mosaic binding in progress

    Quilting is complete and the binding is now in progress (2 sides to go!). I'm really pleased with this one. Crossing my fingers that it will join the finished pile very soon!

  3. Vogue 1224:

    Vogue 1224, completed and on the hanger

    I completed it this morning! Woo! But then I spent the day doing yard work and was too gross to put it on for a picture, so the slightly blurry hanger shot will have to do for now.

Yay for progress! And, as always, many thanks to the fabulous and inspiring Carrie P. for hosting the challenge (and helping me get my bum in gear!).

I plan to do separate write-ups so I can share more details about each of these projects (and more pictures!) very soon. Hmmm... maybe I should try making some blogging-oriented goals for September? I've got some catch-up to do!


  1. Your Baby Bot quilt looks so bright & cheery. Aren't last minute finishes just wonderful (DONE!!!) Yay

  2. Looking forward to the individual write-ups :D Congrats on three finishes - not much of that binding left!

  3. Congrats! on your finishes. Summertime is a busy time for all.
    I just love your dress.