Monday, December 12, 2011

Hop to It: "Rose Hip Wreath"

Block 12 of Edyta Sitar's Hop to It quilt, "Rose Hip Wreath":

Hop to It block 12: Rose Hip Wreath
Techniques used:
  • Bias bars for the stems;
  • Needleturn with freezer paper on top for the leaves and buds;
  • Freezer paper on bottom and starch for the ovals;
  • Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles for the flower centers.
Frankly, I'm a little disappointed in this one. I think the applique itself looks great, and I love the fabrics I chose-- but they kind of blend in with the background a little too much. How is it I never notice these things until I'm already done? Sigh. Fortunately, the more I look at it, the less horrified I am. So that's good, right? And block one has a similar look, so really, it lends a certain balance to the overall quilt. Maybe. Either way, I'm not re-doing it!


  1. I like the colors you choose for this block. It is going to look great with your other ones. I really like the background fabric!

  2. Girl, you are on a roll.
    Love it. What you could do is a stem stitch around the little buds in a darker color to outline it. It might stand out more that way. Just an idea.

  3. I really like the colors you used in this one and it works really well with that background fabric.