Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hop to It: "Batik Beauty"

October was so busy that I once again fell behind on my Hop to It project. So I've been trying to take some time for applique in the evenings and finally finished block seven, "Batik Beauty."

Hop to It block 7, Batik Beauty
Techniques used:
  • Bias bars for the stems;
  • Karen Kay Buckley's Perfect Circles for the flower centers;
  • Needleturn with freezer paper on top for everything else.
Probably the the most challenging and time-consuming part of this block for me was choosing the fabric to use for that funky center shape. I'm not really even sure what it is supposed to be, but I kind of see it as a plume of smoke coming out of an incense burner... with flowers? I dunno. But, as it is the main focus of the block, I really wanted to find the perfect fabric. It took a long time for me to commit, but I'm definitely happy with the end result.

I'm loving this project! *happy sigh*


  1. I see it as smoke too. I think you choose great fabric. Another job well done!

  2. your applique it just beautiful!! Love your choices!

  3. This is nice for a batik decoration.

  4. I think you made a good choice, the batik gives the look of smoke.