Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little baking...

I recently joined Pinterest and have been finding all sorts of fabulous inspiration there, including tasty treats like this and this. (Pinterest is really a rather dangerous place... it just kind of sucks you in and suddenly, hours have gone by and you are wondering why it is 3 a.m. and you are not in bed. Or maybe that is just me.) Anyway, the call of sugar finally had to be answered so I went to work and made up a batch:

soft sugar cookie goodness
Lofthouse-style soft sugar cookies! Mmmm... I initially found the recipe at Authentic Suburban Gourmet. But that recipe was a little confusing for me (6 cups of flour, divided, but then no explanation about the division). So I found another one at The Novice Chef which has the same basic recipe, but offers more detailed instructions.

I scoffed when I read, "Let cookies sit overnight before serving to allow the flavors to develop." I mean, really? But it is TRUE! They really were more tasty the following day. The recipe also makes a ton of cookies, so I went ahead and froze some (pre-frosting) to see how that would work. Verdict: success! I took them out, let them thaw, and then frosted them. And they were just as tasty.

And they really do taste as good as the ones at the grocery store. Maybe even better, because I know exactly what's in them. Yum!!


  1. These look sooo good! My mouth is watering! haha

  2. THANK YOU for the link! Those look fantastic!

  3. Yum! is right. I bet the boys love them.
    I have not jumped into that Pinterest.I have enough stuff that takes up my time. lol

  4. I so agree with you about pinterest. I have cut back on the time I spend on it now. But when I first started it was bad. My husband new if I was on my computer I was looking at pinterest.