Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another bag...

...and it's NOT Amy Butler! *gasp!*

This is my version of the Trendy Faux Leather Handbag:

Faux leather handbag, front view
I found this tutorial via Stacy Sews and have had it in the back of my mind for a little while now. Then when I went to Hancock Fabrics in search of my sparkly cami fabric, I saw this pretty brown/copper-shimmery vinyl on one of their remnant tables. On sale. I snatched it up!

faux leather handbag, inside view
For the lining, I found a happy brown Laurel Burch fabric. I love me some kitty heads!

This was actually a pretty quick project. But sewing with the vinyl involved a couple of challenges for me. The main one: when I made a mistake and had do some unsewing? Holes. This vinyl had zero self-healing properties. Fortunately, the holes are not terribly visible. But I know they are there. The other big challenge was the thickness of the vinyl-- there were a couple of points when the bulk just didn't fit under my presser foot. Fortunately, having faced that challenge before with a previous project (I'm talking about you, Blossom Bag!), I knew I could take off the foot and make it work. But it is so hard to control and not the cleanest look.

My biggest frustration though was in sewing in the handles. I just couldn't get rid of that funky "bump" along the top of the bag and get it even all around. I tore out stitches a couple of times, and it just wasn't happening (and I was ending up with more and more holes!). I think it was in large part because I didn't have the small binder clips that the tutorial recommends. The vinyl-covered paperclips I was using just weren't cutting it in terms of keeping everything in position. Clearly, having the right tools makes a difference!

faux leather handbag, side view
On the bright side, at least both sides have the same issue. So now it is a design feature!

All-in-all, a very cute bag! I think now I need to make a matching wallet.


  1. That is too cute! You did a great job. It looks like something you'd get at a fancy boutique.

  2. That is such a great bag! Very modern looking and such a different direction than the other bags you've made.

  3. awesome bag! I can't see the mistakes you're talking about but I understand the frustration of "knowing" that they're there. Nice job!

  4. doing something like this frightens me! Maybe next year I will get up the courage to try new materials! You inspire me! These purses just look amazing!!

  5. You are brave, I have never sewed vinyl it seems to be a lot of work. The bag looks great though :)

  6. Wow, you are amazing. It turned out great.
    That is one challenge I would never tackle.