Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge: The Cosmo

Style Stitches Monthly Bag Challenge 2011
For Jem Jam's January Style Stitches challenge, we were to complete bag number one, the Cosmo bag. I got mine finished, and I'm thrilled with how well it turned out!

Cosmo bag, front view
It's a happy bag...

Cosmo bag, side view
... with side pockets and French kitties. I especially love the big wooden button I found for it. Some have complained that the side pockets are so deep that they're impractical. But I rather like them. I think they'll be handy to just drop some keys down or to stick some printed directions into with no worries that anything is going to fall out.

Cosmo bag, interior peek
The roomy interior has big side pockets. I thought about maybe adding a zipper pocket, but I probably wouldn't use it (since I never use the zipper pockets in my current bag). The only change I made to the given instructions was to add a layer of peltex (the super-thick interfacing) to the bag base to help give it some stability.

me and my Cosmo bag
And, for scale, here I am with my new bag. It's big and fabulous! I've taken to calling it my "Excursion Bag," as it is going to be perfect for all-day diapering adventures.


  1. How do you manage to look so good with 2 small boys?! Great bag!

  2. This is a great bag. I can see so many uses for it. Nicely done.

  3. How adorable!

    The bag is great too. ;)

  4. Lovely bag Ms. Robin - great job!! I love the self portrait shot!!

  5. What a great bag and it's huge!

  6. The fabric you picked is perfect! :-)

  7. Great job! I love the little print fabric too.

  8. Beautiful bag, but even more beautiful Mama. It's so good to see your face . . . I miss you!!

  9. I love this bag! Well done - I'm looking forward to seeing the next one!