Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greenpiece: Applique blocks 7 & 8

I've made some more progress on my Moda Greenpiece quilt.

Applique block 7:

Greenpiece, applique block 7
I really like the simplicity of this one. And my boy loves pears. So it also makes me think of him.

Applique block 8:

Greenpiece, applique block 8
This one was a little more challenging, mostly because placement was difficult (there are no placement diagrams for any of these-- all that is included is a tiny little picture of the block and all of the separate pieces). It ended up kind of off to one side, but when I trim the block down, I should be able to get it a little more centered. I think this one is really pretty.

Nearly caught up on these now! Just two more applique and two pieced blocks to go before next week's meeting/block distribution.


  1. Both are lovely. I really like the pear.

  2. OH, I am glad I scrolled down. Love these. The flowers are such a neat design.