Saturday, February 6, 2010

Late-night catch-up

I've seemingly reached the point in my pregnancy that is making sleep more challenging. I decided to take advantage of that last night and stayed up way too late working in the quilt mines (aka, my sewing room). Now I'm up to date on my Paintbox Quilt Along blocks!

A pile of Paintbox quilt along blocks
Not only did I finish the blocks from last week, but I also got this week's blocks completed as well. Twenty blocks in all:

Paintbox quilt along blocks, weeks 2 and 3
It always feels so good to get caught up.


  1. Those are wonderful looking blocks and it has to feel good to be so productive!

    Hope you can catch a little extra sleep before the baby comes!

  2. I just found your blog and love it. You really get a lot done and I love your style.That playtime quilt is Awesome!! Where did you get the pattern? There is a great quilt along going over at Don't look Now (lots of hand applique!) I'm trying to keep up with that one. I am having a giveaway this week for my birthday. Eight pretty fat quarters! Come visit if you like.

  3. Excellent late night sewing!!