Sunday, February 21, 2010

A new diaper bag!

Last week I finished up my diaper bag! I have to say, I'm really glad I stuck it out because it turned out really well. It's a very nice looking bag, if I do say so myself.

diaper bag hanging view
The pattern is one I found on from Jenna Lou Designs called the "Mabel Messenger." I love the shape, size, and look of this design. I also love the adjustable strap.

close-up front view
Construction was a little bit of a challenge for me, but I think it worked out in the end. Really, the trouble was all my own doing. Worried that using all quilting-weight cotton would result in a too-flimsy bag, I went ahead and added a canvas interlining. As it turns out, the canvas was not necessary with all of the interfacing and the heavy-duty Peltex that was called for in the pattern, and it created a LOT of bulk that I (and my machine) had a hard time dealing with. If I make the bag again (I may... because I do really like it!) I would definitely just follow the instructions and see how that goes.

inside view of pocket excitement
The pattern included just one inside pocket. I chose to add a few more-- 4 on the inside, and one on the outside. They worked out really well, and are a great addition to this design to make it a little more functional as a diaper bag.

loaded diaper bag
Here it is, all loaded up. Stuffed inside: 1 cloth diaper, 1 diaper cover, 1 wet bag, 1 receiving blanket (makeshift changing pad), 1 water bottle, 1 tube of diaper paste, 1 container of Purell, 1 package of wet wipes, 1 extra pair of pants, 1 pack of kleenex, keys, and wallet.

stuffed and closed
And it was still nice and trim looking even when the flap was closed. Considering that all of this was bulky toddler-sized stuff, I think it will work even better for an infant. (I keep crossing my fingers that my boy will be potty trained soon...)

I apologize for the blurry picture. I'm not so hot at self-portraits. But hopefully you can get a better idea of the size/scale this way (and see my big belly, too!).

I gave it a test drive the other day when the boy and I took a visit to the zoo. It worked pretty well! I loved that it wasn't hugemongous like my Nappy Bag. It was able to hold it all and still look really good. At the same time though, I may need to invest in a bigger bag for any outings more than a couple hours long (or if I have to carry diapering stuff for two). So I'm still on the lookout for some pattern options. Maybe this one, or this? The thing is, I'm running out of time... only 9 weeks to go!


  1. The bag turned out great!

    Look at how cute you look!!!!!! How exciting!!!!! Do you know if you are having another boy or perhaps a girl?

  2. Nice job! The pockets are great and I love the fabric!

  3. It looks great! The nice thing is that I think a man wouldn't mind having to carry it on occasion since the fabric and style are neutral.

    Nine weeks! That's not long! Very exciting!

  4. i love the way that bag turned out, it's wonderful and look at how cute you look! :)

  5. Very classy. I hope you get that little boy potty trained before you have another one in diapers.

  6. Such a very nice bag and what a lovely model you make.

  7. A very hip bag. And don't you look cute. I am getting excited for you.Has your son felt the baby move?