Friday, December 4, 2015

Striped Style Arc Ann T-Top

This was another pre-Halloween sewing project to help get me back in the sewing groove (after months of very quilt-focused stitching).

Striped Ann-T, front view

It is another Style Arc Ann T-Top. My first was made back in August 2014-- I kind of considered that short-sleeved version my wearable muslin and I was pretty happy with it. For this version I went with a 3/4-sleeve and used a lovely stripe-y jersey purchased at the beginning of this year from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is really quite cool looking-- the wavy look is actually created by seaming, giving it a fabulous texture.

Striped Ann-T, back view

Again I sewed up the size 12. I shortened the long sleeve pattern piece to create the 3/4-sleeve. I made sure to stabilize the shoulder seams with Stay Tape, and then used a knit stay tape along the neckline edges (this helped make application of the neck band much smoother this time around). Overall, construction was much better the second time around! This fabric does not have nearly the stretch that my first iteration had though and I am finding it does not fit the same way.

It is apparent to me now that I really needed to do an FBA. The front kind of rides up over the girls making for some unfriendly wrinkle action once I start moving about. In addition, I am finding I really just don't love the rouching on the sides. It just puts extra fabric over my tummy, making me feel fluffier than I am-- it has a very maternity vibe to me. The slinkier fabric I used the first time minimized this effect, but the heavier jersey has made me notice it much more. I don't foresee another Ann T-Top in my future.

Striped Ann-T, side view

None of this is stopping me from wearing the top, however! It is in very regular rotation because I love the fabric so much and it is quite soft and comfy.

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