Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Another Kimono Tee

The first one turned out so well, I immediately went on the lookout for fabric for another Kimono T-Shirt from Maria Denmark.

Kimono Tee 2, front view

I found the perfect fabric at Fabric Mart-- a happy Maggy London ITY print.

Kimono Tee 2, front view 2

Making it the second time was even faster than the first time (and I felt like that was pretty darn quick!). No changes at all.

Kimono Tee 2, back view

I am definitely feeling the love for this design and fully intend to make more at some point. But I've got some other projects lined up, including plans for using these:

pile o' happy activewear knits

Activewear knits! Woo!

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