Thursday, January 1, 2015


Woo! Another year. But before I jump into that, I want to take a second to remember 2014:

Crafty-Musings 2014 completed projects collage... woo!

I hesitated to make a collage initially, but I am glad I did. It was a rather productive year for me-- and seeing it laid out like this makes me feel pretty proud. There is some good stuff on there! It also reminds me of a couple of things. Like the quilts that aren't on there but that were so close-- one just needing a label; one with a nearly completed binding. I gotta get those finished! And then: I want to make more clothes! My sewing projects this year were really good ones and I learned a lot. I love wearing me-made things, and I need more!

Looking back to my 2014 goals:
  • Use more fabric than I buy.-- Woot! This is a win. And an improvement over last year:

    • Fabric In: 64.417 yards
    • Fabric Used: 94.292 yards

    • Finish at least 2 UFOs.-- My "Harrington & Hannah" quilt is one; and I'm considering using up the roll o' fabric from 2009 a big UFO win as well. Unfortunately, the one project I listed by name, "Bargello Reflections", did not get completed. But technically, I did meet the goal!
    • Finish at least 1 kit quilt.-- Yes! "Vehicles Vroom" is one I consider a kit quilt.
    • Blog once a week.-- Alas. Not so much. But I did manage to blog at least once a month. There's definitely room for improvement here.
    • Lose that last 5 pounds.-- LOL! Not so much here either. I made a conscious decision back in February that for my 40th birthday, I was gonna eat and enjoy it. And I totally did! And it was awesome! And then I couldn't stop. Doh! So I've gained. Not so much that I can't fit in my clothes. But enough so that some of them are not very comfortable at this point.
    My goals for 2015:
    • Use more fabric than I buy.-- Yep. It's good goal, and I'm sticking with it!
    • Finish at least 2 UFOs, including my Bargello Reflections quilt.-- I'm getting hard core here, putting a specific project in the goal.
    • Finish the recent WIPs pile.-- This includes:

      • A little kit quilt that is basted and ready for quilting;
      • An Edyta Sitar wallhanging that is basted and ready for quilting;
      • My Fall 2013 mystery quilt that is ready for basting;
      • My nine-patch quilt that is also ready and waiting for basting.

      Yikes. I'm already kind of feeling overwhelmed by the quilting required here. Hopefully the little baby quilt I just started will kick me into quilting mode and help me get these finished.
    • Complete the 26 Books in 2015 challenge.-- When I saw this challenge, it really spoke to me. I read a fair amount, and love doing it, but I often find myself getting stuck in a rut. I like the idea of pushing myself a bit out of my comfort zone and trying some new book-choosing strategies.
    • Get back on the self-care/fitness train.-- This is going to take some conscious effort. At 3:30 today, January 1, I weigh 175 pounds. Losing 20 would put me back where I was at the beginning of 2014. It seems like a reasonable goal. And I want to feel fit again and comfy in my clothes.
    I think I'm setting a high bar for myself here. But I'm feeling it. It's going to be a good year.

    Happy New Year!!!


    1. What a productive year! I really like seeing your year's work in collage form ~ excellent idea. Your quilts are so beautiful, Robin, and you look wonderful and healthy. Happy New Year!

    2. I love your collage, nice!
      I'm doing the 26 books too it's such a great list.

    3. What a great year! And nice job on more fabric out than in!