Sunday, January 11, 2015

Last week in the quilt mines...

Since my last post, I have made progress on my latest project:

Crazy for Baby basted and ready for quilting!

One baby quilt pieced and basted! The recipient is due at the beginning of February, so hopefully there will be a finished quilt to share soon.

Lately, I have found myself exploring the world of podcasts as I craft. One of my favorites is the Hip to Be a Square Podcast. I like it because I feel as if she is a kindred spirit-- I just dig the same kind of stuff she does. In her most recent entry (Episode 210), she talks about busting some stash by making pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, and I came away inspired. I totally need to do some of that! So I've started gathering fabrics out of the stash and matching them together. Maybe I'll even get some assembled. Woo!

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  1. great color combo. I like orange and pink together.