Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A quilt for Little Bear!!!

Vehicles Vroom, front view

The design is from Abbey Lane Quilts and is called "Meter Maid." The pattern was straightforward and easy to follow. I also appreciated that it accounts for directional prints in the cutting directions (a big plus since I was using some directional prints!).

The bulk of the fabric was from a fat quarter set I purchased at Quilt Festival last fall from Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop. I added a couple more from my stash, and chose Kona cream for the solid frames.

Vehicles Vroom, front quilting detail

Since the frames were solid, I really wanted to do something interesting quilting-wise as I knew it would show up really well. I decided to do circles (traced from a spool of thread) in the narrow parts of the frame and outside border, and the fun loopy design in the wider frame parts and border. I used Aurifil Mako 50/2 in Pale Flesh (2315) for all of that. Then I quilted the prints with a simple meander using Aurifil Make 50/2 in Dove (2600).

Vehicles Vroom, back quilting detail

I love that the quilting is so visible on the back!

Vehicles Vroom, back view

I also love that I was able to use up the last bits of fabric from the front in the back. They add some nice color, too.

Vehicles Vroom, label

And the label... I decided to name this one, "Vehicles Vroom!!!"

As I was taking pictures, I noticed this:

Vehicles Vroom, obnoxious stain

Doh! I think that happened in the wash. I prewashed all of my fabrics, so didn't think to put a color catcher in with it when I gave it a wash after completion. At first I thought it might be the wash-out blue marker I used-- except that I didn't mark that part at all (I only marked the circles), and that is the only spot in the quilt where the stain appears. I'll definitely be more careful in the future and use a color catcher. Fortunately, Little Bear doesn't care about the stain. :)

Vehicles Vroom, Little Bear jumping for joy view

It only took four years. Ha! But, he finally has his own quilt made especially for him. Yay!!!


  1. Very sweet!

    I think I'm gonna make my first tiny quilt using half a jelly roll!

    1. Fun!!! Best of luck on your first quilt! I hear jelly rolls are a lot of fun to work with!

  2. Very nice! Modern but still perfect for a little boy.

  3. Oh, my goodness! look how he has grown. What a great quilt for your growing boy.