Saturday, July 21, 2012

On the design wall...

...for the moment, anyway:

my completed Greenpiece blocks

My Moda Greenpiece quilt! I was in the mood to sit and sew at the machine the other night, but didn't have any current projects ready to go. So I went to the project box pile and pulled this one out. I just looked and am shocked to find that it has been nearly two years since I last touched this project (September 2010, to be exact). Whoa.

Anyway, I trimmed all of the applique blocks and added corner triangles to them. I even managed to stitch a few blocks together. I'm not sure I'm committed to getting it all put together right now, but it feels good to have taken at least a few more steps in the process.


  1. Oh, they look great put up. I really looked at each applique block and I love the bird on the melon and the acorn opening up.