Thursday, July 5, 2012

Navy blue + Linen = Happy!

S4086, pattern cover
I took some time in the quilt mines this week to focus on garment sewing. I bought a lovely navy blue linen four years ago, intending to re-make a skirt pattern I had tried. Well. That didn't happen. So then it sat, languishing away in my stash. Until now!

S4086, skirt, front view

This skirt is Simplicity 4086, View E (the pattern is out-of-print). I cut a size 16 and (based upon how my last Simplicity skirt fit) used 1/2" seams for the sides and back instead of 5/8"-- and I feel like this one fits perfectly. Yay!

S4086, skirt, back view

The only other changes I made were to cut the tie-belt longer (I cut a size 22 length) and then I did an invisible zipper.

close-up of misaligned zipper... whoops!

My invisible zipper skills continue to improve-- but still not perfect. Again, I used the invisible zipper tutorial from I got the top nice and even this time, but somehow I managed to mess up the yoke seam alignment. It bothers me, but not enough to go back and fix it. Besides, it's covered up by the tie-belt, so it is hardly noticeable, right?

I really like this skirt-- the tie front and pockets give this simple A-line design some fun interest. I LOVE the look and feel of the linen-- truly comfortable and fabulous. I was a little worried the length would look a bit dowdy, but I find that I am liking this just-below-the-knee style. I really like how it fits as well. My only qualm is that with this style and silhouette is that I have to wear my shirt tucked, otherwise I look like a giant block (not to mention you can't see any of the details that make this skirt interesting). Tucking is definitely not a bad thing, it is just different for me as I traditionally have always been trying to hide my figure rather than show it off. So I think this skirt is a good change for me, style-wise. It's making me get out of my box a bit.

S4086 skirt, lounging view

Now I am envisioning another skirt like this for fall in a microsuede... maybe view B with the buttons? Or view F with some embroidery accents on the ties and hem? I love thinking about the possibilities!


  1. Well done, a much better job than I could do, for sure. You look beautiful in it.
    Your deck looks like you live in a tree house.

  2. Love the skirt, and it couldn't be on a prettier lady ! The last photo's my favorite!

  3. So cute, and I like the tucked in look on you.

  4. It looks great! I think you could get away with a slit up the front (ghasp and LOL) oh a peekaboo slit! Can't wait for a micro suede one! CUTE!!

  5. Robin, you look great and the skirt is awesome! The shirt tucked in looks good :).

  6. The linen defiantly works well with the pattern. Beautiful!